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hen you’re here, you experience the world completely unfiltered, unmediated. You’re suddenly keenly aware of the rush and pound of the river, of the roots and rocks making themselves known under your feet, of the mallards idling and gossiping in the mist on the lake, of the night sky and the slow waltz of the moon and stars across it. And you’re suddenly where you haven’t been in a long, long time. A time when all you had were lazy days stretched out in front of you like a picnic blanket, like a secret path in the woods, like sparks from a fire at night. All of it waiting for your exploration, your discoveries.

A mountain escape worthy of your discovery.

Surround yourself with natural beauty, immerse yourself in a private forest, reconnect with your family and make new memories. No golf course cut through the land. No golf club to belong to. Instead, a private mountain lake, a trophy trout stream that runs through it, groomed trails, waterfalls, a mountain meadow, all private and beckoning your exploration.

Some parents send their kids to summer camp. Others send them to the back yard.


Fantastic vistas all year long

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