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Welcome to the Catatoga Clubhouse.

Surround yourself with natural beauty, immerse yourself in a private forest, reconnect with your family and make new memories. No golf course cut through the land. No golf club to belong to. Instead, a private mountain lake, a trophy trout stream that runs through it, groomed trails, waterfalls, a mountain meadow, all private and beckoning your exploration.

Keeping up with our commitment to continuously improve, we are excited to announce some renovations to our Catatoga clubhouse faculties. We are working with the project team to make final design decisions and expect to have the project completed by Memorial Day 2022.

The renovation projects will encompass multiple areas of the facility. The exterior of the facility will receive a fresh coat of paint. The lower level of the clubhouse will be redesigned with new finishes, updated workout room, lockers, artwork, and furnishings. The tennis facility will have all new fence netting, fence paint, and courts will be groomed for play.

A new Catatoga Club sign based on the updated brand will be installed.

The facility will be closed January 1, 2022, for the renovations and scheduled to reopen Memorial Day 2022.

We look forward to the new opportunities the renovation will bring to the Catatoga membership, and we believe the improvements will further enhance the Catatoga experience.

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