Retreat to Lake Toxaway, North Carolina's
Catatoga and Rediscover Nature.

You might just rediscover yourself! Let’s be honest, life is seldom like a slowly meandering river where we can float in an inner tube for hours with little concern for where the current takes us. For most of us life more closely resembles a kayak trip on a rushing white-water stream where things move by too quickly and constant vigilance and deft maneuvers are essential for successfully navigating each day’s run. The ride can be exhilarating, exasperating or both. Oh, but it sure feels good once in a while to slip into a quiet eddy and take time to really look at the beauty that surrounds let our thoughts –and life itself – catch up with us. Catatoga is exactly that kind of place. Here you can surround yourself with beauty, immerse yourself in nature, reconnect with your family and make new memories to last a lifetime. Put down your paddle for a moment and remember what life can be, what life should be:

Cool summer breezes rustling the leaves and the scent of steaks on the grill. Children laughing as they try to catch fireflies in the fading light. Dad remembering that first trout that rose to his elk hair caddis from beneath the laurel branch after a perfect cast. Mom anticipating the final chapters of her book that she will read beside the fireplace late into the evening.

These are not dreams. This is real life. This is Catatoga.